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#TBT Travel | Winterpeg (P1): Investor's Group Field: Bombers! (2015)

Finally visited ‘The Peg’ – Winnipeg, Manitoba. It’s simple and quaint like a miniature version of Toronto. The downtown core is small. Getting to my cousin’s house, he told me we could view the skyline from his living room. I looked out and couldn’t see anything. Then he pointed to two buildings at a distance and I chuckled.

The roads are rubbly but that’s expected of a winter-heavy city and there’s constant construction. There is plenty of wide roads and many old industrial infrastructure. The suburbs is developing well. My cousin’s area reminded me a lot of the northern areas of the GTA. There’s a nice Filipino community.

There are a lot of things to talk about this city but I would like to break it down into smaller portions over time with the different locales I experienced:

Investor’s Group Field: Home of The Winnipeg Bombers

Even though I have never attended a single CFL game and don’t care much for my own Toronto Argonauts (like most Toronto residents), the league has a soft spot in my heart. The Bombers in particular have been one of the two most iconic CFL teams in my eyes (along with their rivals, the Saskatchewan Roughriders). And the Bombers most recently got a brand-spanking new stadium. 

The IG Field wasn’t perfect. I heard the city’s government is suing the construction company due to the materials being faulty and the stadium “falling apart” slowly. But as you can tell from the photos, it’s quite a marvelous place and easily one of the best football stadiums I’ve been to both in the NFL and CFL (although to be fair I’ve only been to three). 

The stadium opened in 2013 and is right beside the University of Manitoba (next to University Stadium). It uses FieldTurf Revolution (leader in artificial turf playing surface), uses a corrugated metal roof, has a restaurant, 52 VIP suites, a walk of fame and seats 33,500 (more info).

 Since coming to this stadium I’ve now made it a mini-mission to reach every single CFL stadium and collect a souvenir from each one. My next more immediate mission is to come back for the epic Banjo Bowl ;)