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Lucid Dreaming and the Girl with Blonde Hair

Lucid dreaming. I won’t get into an elaborate explanation of what it is so click on that for a Wikipedia explanation. To me a lucid dream is in between being fully conscious and sleeping. It is hard to simplify but you have some concept that you are dreaming and have some degree of control of yourself while in your dream. In some cases, you have nearly full control of everything you can do.  

I lucid dream a lot. In some cases, I confuse myself being awake and living the real world when I am in fact, dreaming. A few weeks ago I woke up at 3 PM mostly due to having two lucid dreams. The fact that the images still concretely existed in my head today say a lot to how vivid the dreams were.

So I’m going to chronicle all the dreams I can remember right here in my blog. Maybe they’re signs of my past, clues to my future or somehow, both?


Writing down your dreams has a lot of benefits. For one, they’re a part of your subconscious. A lot of your buried emotions and thoughts manifest in the form of dreams. Writing down your dreams can help you revisit these. Try writing them down as clearly and concretely as you can remember. And when you have a collection of dreams, read through them once in a while and maybe you’ll find trends and patterns. And something really cool? If you come across something in reality that somehow was a part of your dreams. If you’re into symbolism and premonition you’ll surely get a kick of this.


One give away you’re in a lucid dream is flying. I had this ability to just hover through the country I was in. A strange country. There were forests that were wrapped around in vines that were so green in colour. Then there were murky waters that appeared like a mythical monster swam underneath. And in between all of these were condos – Toronto waterfront style condominiums. I know, I put together three images below to mimic the imagery. Grotesque.

And after I finished flying through, I flew into subway and as I got off. I appeared to have been running after something. Late for work maybe? I came across an obnoxious fat female and we started going at it with her other obnoxious female friends jumping in. Like a boss, I deflected all their insults and proceeded on my way when she pulled me.

credit: madhulik gupta

credit: madhulik gupta

She and I had a previous relationship as I suddenly felt that feeling as if I had rediscovered my affection for someone. She held my wrist and hugged me then whispered “I’ve been dreaming about you.” I took her with one arm and whispered something back. I don’t remember.

Who is she? I have no idea. I’m using the image of two women to try to give an impression. She had small almond eyes, a petite and thin body and a tanned brown complexion. Her hair was short almost like a pageboy but a bit longer. It was dark brown with blonde streaks. Her lips were thin and she looked Blasian.

Now I took her home and we got “cozy”… and then I woke up.

It was so frustrating I had to scream. But I would never forget that face. It’ not entirely clear now but there’s enough to go on. I would go back to sleep to try to continue the dream but that never happens. Instead I went into a lucid state where I thought I was searching for her awake when I was actually asleep.

Now, how do I find her?