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Ranking the 2010 Comic Book Movies Today

As a child, I couldn't imagine just how popular comic book superheroes would become today. With both Marvel and DC Comics laying waste to the box office with extravaganzas like Avengers, Batman v Superman and plenty more, it's clear this newish genre of film is the top dog in terms of popularity.

Being the huge Marvel/DC fanboy that I am, I am rewatching every comic book superhero film from 2008 to until 2018 to mark the ten years since the MCU took the genre to new heights. The aim is to see just how the films have endured the test of time especially in comparison to the lofty standards the latest films have set. Here’s how 2010 stacked up:

6. Jonah Hex

The film is loosely based on the character (Josh Brolin) of the same name: a bounty hunter from the Wild West with supernatural gifts. Bound by a code of honour, he seeks revenge against the Quentin Turnbull (John Malkovich) and his cronies. The film jumps around with little rhyme or reason and every moviegoer’s patience is constantly challenged. There is decent action and the ensemble consists of some good actors but not even the combined talents of Josh Brolin, John Malkovich and Michael Fassbender are enough to save this flop. ★

5. Iron Man 2

This would be higher if the first didn’t already exist but it’s more of the same with a weaker script and villains. Whiplash (Mickey Rourke) is threatening but not interesting and Justin Hammer (Sam Rockwell) is interesting but not threatening. Scarlett Johansson debuts as Black Widow proving she’s a kick-ass superhero. Don Cheadle is a better fit as “Rhodey” but the debut of War Machine is a big letdown along with the final act which felt rushed. Despite being a disappointment, Iron Man 2 is still buckets full of entertainment. ★★

4. The Losers

The ensemble cast stars superhero movie vets like Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Zoe Saldana, and Chris Evans as they portray a group of former black ops operatives who seek revenge on their ex-boss after his betrayal kills innocent children. While loaded with action movie clichés it has everything you can ask for in an action flick: fast-pacing, non-stop action, explosions and top it off, funny and likeable leads. There isn’t much to hate about the film but there’s also not much that puts it above “just another action movie”. ★★☆

3. Red

The premise offers something new: a band of old retired operatives getting back together after an assassination attempt on one of them, Frank Moses (Bruce Willis). The ensemble cast also features acting heavyweights like Helen Mirren, Morgan Freeman, and John Malkovich as they have way too much fun but are too lovable to criticize. The script doesn’t exactly deliver anything mind-blowing but offers enough action and comedy to satisfy most moviegoers. Still, a film featuring that much talent with an original premise could have done more. ★★☆

2. Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

When first seeing this film, it felt like a truly unique experience. The titular character must battle his new girlfriend, Ramona’s seven evil exes while attending to his band. The eye-popping visuals, quirky dialogue, and charisma of Michael Cera made this a comic book adaptation to watch. The film is littered with many pop culture references and cameos. It’s clever and inventive. A must-watch. Upon second viewing, the magic wears out quickly and feels juvenile and pointless. It’s a cool shiny toy you enjoy then quickly forget despite its uniqueness. ★★★

1. Kick-Ass

This year’s best film is also the most controversial. Kick-Ass follows an ordinary teenager (Aaron Johnson) who tries becoming a real-life superhero, “Kick-Ass”. The proverbial sh*t hits the fan and he’s thrown into a whirlwind of violence and internet fame. Kick-Ass asks the question, “what if kids tried to be superheroes?” and answers it by unleashing gleeful amounts of gore, violence, Chloe Moretz cursing, and scathing commentaries on millennials. Kick-Ass is a satirical take on the genre and becomes more relevant as it ages. ★★★★