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#TBT Travel | Bouldering at The Hub

What is Bouldering? It's like rock climbing minus ropes or harnesses. So it's like tree climbing but on rocks... yeah. We visited Hub Climbing up at Markham and it was a blast. 


It's $25 for the day pass and you get shoe rentals. We brought chalk as well (but gotta pay for that if you didn't). You'll need it. For beginners (like most of us), you get a quick 10-min tutorial on how to land properly but after that it's pretty much a free-for-all.

I've enjoyed climbing stuff since I was a kid. Tree-climbing was a lot of fun... until you go to high and you get stuck (this was also the case here). So just a couple of things to note if you plan to do this:

1) This stuff requires a lot of upper body and core strength. So your arms (especially forearms), chest, shoulders, back and abs will be getting a massive workout. Hopefully for your sake you've been hitting the weight room or you will tire quite fast. 

2) There's different levels to the courses. It goes from VB to V9 and they increase in difficulty exponentially. For beginners, we managed to clear plenty of the VBs and V0s but the V1s and V2s already got challenging. Didn't even bother doing the V3s and above as that requires mad skills and experience.


3) Be ready to have calloused hands especially if you have "girly hands". Washing your hands after may just be the most intimidating thing ever.

4) As a beginner, you will probably not be bouldering the correct way. It's once you start to tire out that you start to learn the actual techniques to boulder. The less energy you spend the better you're getting. 

5) Most importantly, this isn't so much a test of physical endurance as it is mental endurance. The courses are like puzzles. You have to figure out how to get from one point to the next or you'll be burning through your muscles inefficiently. Plenty of times you'll get to a point and get stuck and you'll tire out. How much do you want to finish the course? Will you quit or finish it? These things really test your mental will.

That said, everyone should try it. There were children no older than six-years-old completing courses relatively easily. It's pretty safe and is fun in groups or individually.