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Blogging about the places we travel to both in our minds and in reality. Topics include: travel, comic book movies, superheroes, mixed martial arts, and personal insights.

On to the Next Chapter: Parting Notes and Future Plans

Let's keep this short and bittersweet. But I am ending blogging for the mean time. While I enjoyed having an online journal of sorts to update people on the traveling and writer life lessons I learn, it won't be a priority now as I have additional jobs. 

I accepted not one but two offers: first, as a Marketing Content Writer for ecustoms. This will be my first foray into full-time writing and marketing and it's back to the office environment. Having left it already in the past, it might be a necessary step back. Take one step back and two steps forward. Second, as a Social Media Coordinator for my publishing company dedicated to sports. I've always wanted to land a job in social media and I finally did. It ties together with this new path I'm reaching: content writing and marketing.

A part of me feels I am drifting further away from the creative parts of writing and more into the copywriting side. With video taking over the Internet, my role seems to be evolving to be more on communication rather than just writing. Taking these jobs will give a preview of what life will be like as a writer turning to a communicator. I take solace in the fact that marketing is storytelling. More details of the new roles are on my author page.

Having this website was primarily for branding purposes but after doing a bit more studying on digital marketing I'm adding new wrinkles. My posts here didn't get more than a few dozen reads and I rarely updated. Blogging wasn't about making money but with the new skills I've learned, it will be one.


I may start blogging again at some point but it's more likely I start a new blog that is more focused and useful for people to read through. Plans for this are open and not immediate so it may not be until 2018 or later. But I'm already excited to start one so maybe I get antsy and release it some time. 

A podcast/videocast is also something I've thought about. With video about to be 80% of the online content, it makes perfect sense to get my thoughts down there. Never considered I'd be talking more than writing but it's communicating after all.

A novel (that I have been writing or planning to for thousands of years). If I'm ever to publish a book it should be one I feel proud of and not because I want to make money or be famous. Writing a book with your heart and soul is difficult and often tragic (when it isn't received with the same passion you put in it). But it's something I hope to add for my legacy.