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#TBT Travel | Where the Hell is Belize? Xunantunich Mayan Ruins (2009)

Some time ago after I graduated university, the family and I took a trip to Belize a.k.a. “Where the hell is Belize?” It’s a little tiny island in Central America, about 23,000 square kilometers with 324,000 people (as of 2010 consensus). The people of Belize were mixed: Mestizo, Kriol and Mayan and other smaller groups.

The city was small and reminded me of the coast Mexican cities (more on this later). There were plenty of street vendors around the dock selling souvenirs, to which we purchased some. We didn’t spend much time in the city however since we were only in Belize as a cruise stop for the day and decided to take the trip to the… Mayan Ruins.


I don’t mind bus rides. A bus ride to New York from Toronto is another story. A bus ride in Belize was otherworldly. Belize already gave me a feel of home, the Philippines. Just the general scenery from the little colourful towns to the street vendors and general scenery in the mountains and trees.

Going to the Mayan Ruins, we had to ride through the mountain side and it reminded me so much of home, Baguio City going through Kennon Road. It’s these rides that give me some form of peace and reminiscence of my childhood.

We got to the Maya Ruins of Belize after a trippy boat ride. The river reminded me of the amazon. Xunantunich in the Maya language means “Stone Woman” and is inspired from alleged tales of a lady dressed in white with fire-red glowing eyes. I’m going to guess where I’m standing is where she generally shows up…  

The ruins’ steps were quite steep they were like football bleachers but like a death trap if you fall. You can walk around the edges of the ruins and get a nice view of the vast greenery of Belize. This trip was more for the historic feel. These ruins have existed since the Preclassic period. That’s way back in the BC era to the early AD era.

I really tried to use my psychic powers to feel the spirits and whatnot but zilch. It’s been quite a long time but this is definitely one to put on your Ruins checklist if you’re into that.