About Go Paolo

Content Marketing Writer. Social Media Coordinator. Publishes with Top Affiliate Publishing on sports and The Plaid Zebra on millennial lifestyle. On my spare time, I blog on travel, self-development, life as a writer, and comic book movies. 

That time at Machu Picchu... (2016)

That time at Machu Picchu... (2016)

Hi, everyone! Go Paolo here. Welcome to my website. Love to have you. 

Two years ago, it took a nervous breakdown for me to realize I needed to pursue my passion for writing. Originally, I started as a sports writer but understood life had more to offer and became a freelance writer. I learned the hard way being self-employed meant having to step out of my comfort zone and so I stepped into the Amazon jungle of social media and content marketing.

Somehow my positions as a content marketing writer and social media coordinator tie into years of learning about the media, customer behaviour, and digital marketing and with my ever-evolving writing skillset, I aim to become an asset to companies looking to reach out to people.